Amazing month with Ani, Erasmus+

This month as the whole months in Slovakia was full of adventures. Whenever people ask me about my time here in this country I only try to find the most beautiful to describe it, and this month was not an exception too. My April was a combination of working, travelling and spending time with friends.

Let´s first speak about my work in Europe Direct Senica, where we were busy with planning many programmes and events. April was about organizing Mlady Europan in different cities of Slovakia, where the students should present their knowledge about the EU (Trencin, Trstena, Senica, Komarno, Nitra etc.). Another working part was doing intellectual presentations about the EU in different schools, where the students were eager to show their knowledge. And finally, we did all the perfective preparations for a huge event, May 1. I can joyfully say that this month was another great experience for another huge background, which I got.

Travelling and spending time with friends in Slovakia are the things that I really enjoy. And as my whole months, April was full of adventures too. I travelled with friends in many places around Slovakia: Dolny Kubin, Trstena, Nitra, Komarno… I totally discovered Zahorie region with its whole beauty. There were Abeland, Penati Golf Resort, The Fairy tail house, Skalica with its whole places of interest, Velka Javorina etc. I think that travelling is the only thing you buy and makes you rich. I consider myself a lucky person for coming to Slovakia. This is really a wonderland which needs to be discovered.