Ani month – september

 September as all the months in the year was full of many interesting and active events for me, organized by Europe Direct Senica. The events took place not only in Senica but also in different places in Slovakia. The main events were the European Voluntary Week, the Skalicke Dni and the European Days of Languages.  I, as a volunteer in Europe Direct Senica, was given a great opportunity to provide my participation and to share my skills.

From the 16th till 20th it was announced a voluntary week in Senica. During the week there were organized different activities: early coffee, entertaining programs for seniors and children, cleaning the city, a walk with dogs etc. The activities were fulfilled by many volunteers including me. I just couldn′t express the excitement that I saw the happy eyes of people. 

What′s about Skalicke dni, it was really one of the greatest events I have ever participated in. The days were announced from 20th till 22nd of September. That was a cultural event which gathered many people from different parts of Slovakia and even from abroad in Skalica. In the event it was possible to see many tables full of national stuffs: national food, drinks, cloths and many other items. Undoubtedly our team was also prepared for that day. We represented different informative brochures, publications and maps, which seemed quite useful for the people who were there, and their curiosity about all was really visible. The days of Skalica were followed by concerts, which gathered people in one place and gave an amazing opportunity to enjoy the evening. I am from Armenia, and I completely enjoyed each second in Skailca.  I enjoyed every little particle, which represented the Slovak culture, I enjoyed my chats with Slovak people. 

On 26 September there was the European Days of Languages. Me, together with the team of Europe Direct Senica, organized different educative activities in Skalica. Each lesson started by the presentation about the Euro tour, where we spoke about the European Union, about the Euro and about Slovakia′s involvement in the EU. Another part was 5 activities; a test, a quiz, an imaginary quiz, a word guessing and the EU map puzzle. I was really impressed by the intelligence of the students. They were completely open for talks and what is really important they were  prepared for the activities. 

All the events by their sense were so bright, impressive and educative, that I got a complete satisfaction by my participation. The biggest advantage was that I had the opportunity to communicate with different people of different ages, to get extra knowledge about the Slovak culture and also to share my knowledge.