Naša dobrovoľníčka Ani navštívila Festival Pohoda

„Participating in one of the biggest festivals, Pohoda, I got a great and indescribable pleasure ☺️ Many people, happy faces, well-organized programs, happy time, dancing, singing, those all were the main things that gave special shades to the fest 🎊🎉🎊Special thanks to the EU fun zone, which was one of the main essential parts in the fest 💡🇪🇺The members of the Zone prepared a special surprise for the people there. Checking the intellectual skills through the games about the EU, films, cartoons and languages, people got a chance to compete for a trip to Brussel ✈️ Me, as a volunteer there, in the EU fun zone, really enjoyed all the programs 😉👍 Seeing the happy and excited faces of the people made my day complete ❤️☺️“

Ani Sargsyan, dobrovoľníčka Europe Direct Senica (Európska dobrovoľnícka služba, program Erasmus+).